Spotspin is the app to save your favorite places. Places you've been to and places you want to go.

Keep your favorite places, organize and plan new places to visit, discover new places, and share with your friends.

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How it works

Favorite Places

There are so many cool places we visit in our home town or when we travel. Use Spotspin to remember and organize your favorite places - after all, your friends may want some hot tips from places you've been and loved.

Want to go

There are so many ways we discover new places: newspapers, magazine articles, blog posts, or even from a conversation with friends. Use Spotspin to find new places and save these in your "Want to go" list. This is the easiest way to remember that special place to visit.

Discover new places

The best places to go are where you have fun with your friends. See what others are enjoying - get inspired from friends' tips and find relevant spots perfect for you.


Don't you always get asked about travel tips or spots around your hometown? Favorite these on Spotspin and share them straight from your smartphone. This way, your friends get full information from the spot, plus your notes.

About us

Everyone has their favorite places. That bar you drank too many beers during those college years, that unbelievable Italian restaurant you had a late night dinner during your last vacation, that one amazing park we visited on our last trip.

There are so many cool places you've been to - so many memories. But that memory can fail you: what was the name of that place again?

Well, never forget again: now there's Spotspin. Spotspin is the app to save your favorite places. Places you've been to and places you want to go. Learn and share from over 60 million places worldwide and choose your favorite ones.

Fabio Frazão

Fabio Fraz√£o

Loves travelling and being outside discovering new places by bike or simply walking around. Fabio is especially fond of small spots: simple and intimate and never says no to a Brazilian caipirinha with his friends at his favorites places. His last trip was to Turkey and Spain and he is very excited to plan the next one!

That's why he gave up his successful job as a Digital Marketing Executive after 14 years to create Spotspin. After all, it was more than past due to help people live life in the best form: by meeting new places.

Phillip Klien

Phillip Klien

Phillip spends any money left on travel. After visiting over 30 countries, Phillip's focus is on finding the best spots in Brazil - and he just got back from an exciting trip in the middle of the Amazon forest. He relies on local tips for hot places to visit, but loves to walk in random restaurants and bars no "gringo" would ever consider.

On the professional side, Phillip has been online since 1993 and founded a marketing technology firm that was selected as one of the most innovative companies of Brazil in 2011 by Fast Company. He is a proud nerd.


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